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XouXou Berlin
iPhone necklace 6p neon camo

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Artikelnummer: i Phone 6p neon camo
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  • Beschreibung
    XouXou Berlin
    Style meets Function

    · iPhone necklace
    · Für iPhone 6p
    · Handycover mit Trageband
    · Geflochtenes Band
    · Transparente Hülle
    · Silky, shiny and smooth surface
    · Non-toxic (OEKO-TEX®)
    · Farbton: Neon Camo

    Diameter: Ca. 6 mm.
    Material: Polyester.
    Weight: 3 gram per meter.

    Please note that this case does not guarantee
    100% security for your Phone and it can get scratches from the splitrings. Or if dust gets inside the case, it can scratch the back of your phone.

    Verkauft wird nur die Handyhülle ohne das iPhone.

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